Ten Helpful Tips For The Perfect Family Scrapbook Titles

Choosing which photos to use is the easy part, making a decision on your family scrapbook titles is a whole other issue.
Titling your scrapbooking page is often the hardest part of your scrapbooking layout. After all, you only have a few words to say so much and having the right words on the page is the key to the perfect layout.

That's why we've compiled these 10 helpful tips for the perfect family title ideas for your scrapbook layouts. Make sure you read all the way to the end for a bonus!

TIP 1 - Use the title as part of the embellishment

Don't just hide the title in the top corner or down the bottom of the scrapbooking layout, incorporate the letters into the design of your page in a creative way.
I like to think of the words and letters as embellishments and I try to make them look just as great as the other elements on the scrapbook layout.

In the example below, I have cut some circles in a bright top layer and using pre-purchased wooden letters, have spelled out the word F U N for one of my family scrapbook titles.
family scrapbook title embellishment
Have fun with your family memories scrapbook title ideas!

TIP 2 - Don't be afraid to mix up the fonts

Don't be afraid to mix and match fonts on your scrapbook layouts. This adds to the creativity of not only your family scrapbook titles but to your whole layout.
When I'm mixing and matching fonts, I like to create it on the computer as a DIY printable so that I can see exactly how it looks before I print it out.

Designing it on the computer first is a quick way to find fonts that look great together before jumping in and sticking things down.
Scrapbook title fonts
Add dimension to your scrapbook titles by making use of different fonts!

TIP 3 - Get creative with materials

Get creative with the materials you use to create your family scrapbook titles. They don't always have to be handwritten or created from cardstock!
Try using stamps, die cuts, stickers, wooden letters, string or bits of scrap materials.

In the example below, I have cut out the word FURRY from a scrap of patterned felt for a scrapbooking layout that will feature our furry family members.
Creative scrapbook title materials
Create your title using different materials and texture to your page!

TIP 4 - Keep it short

Don't feel like you need a long explanation on every page, often a story can be told in one or two simple words, allowing you to unclutter your scrapbooking layout.
For e.g. instead of writing Summer Family Trip to The Beach as one of your family scrapbook titles, consider shortening it to something like Beach Days or Summer Vibes. 
This will give you plenty more room on your scrapbooking layout to really focus on the photographs and beautiful decorations.
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TIP 5 - Make a play on words

Purposely misspelling a word is totally allowed when it comes to family scrapbook titles!
In the example below I have purposely misspelt the word perfect to read purrfect for a scrapbooking layout that will feature my beloved cat.

Using modern acronyms also makes for short and sweet titles, such as OMG (oh my god) or YOLO (you only live once), or you could even use a hashtag such as #vanlife or #summervibes.
Scrapbook page title word plays
Make use of puns to add a bit of quirk to your titles

TIP 6 - Handwrite your title ideas

Getting creative with your own handwriting makes for a great personal touch to your family scrapbook titles.
It doesn't always have to pretty calligraphy style cursive writing either.
There are lots of great 'fancy' writing styles that you can manage easily with a normal marker or gel pen. A quick google search should find you some great example to copy!
Handwritten scrapbook title
Handwritten titles are perfect for your family tree scrapbook page!

TIP 7 - Use a quote

Stuck for inspiration for your family scrapbook titles? Use a quote from the person in your photograph.
Kids say hilarious things all the time and its these little nuggets that work great for scrapbooking.

Song lyrics are another great source of inspiration such as Elvis Presley's "I can't help falling in love with you" or Lesley Gore's lyrics, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

TIP 8 - Use die-cut letters

When your handwriting just won't cut it, go ahead and use die-cut letters.
These can be purchased at most two-dollar stores, the craft section of department stores and dedicated scrapbooking stores.

Die-cut letters can be stickers, card stock, felt or even little flat wooden pieces.
Die cut scrapbooking letters

TIP 9 - Get creative with the angle and positioning

Life is boring straight and so are scrapbooking titles!
To add some interest to your family scrapbook titles, consider placing the words on an angle or even around a shape.
Go ahead and place your letters diagonally down the page, on an unusual angle, vertically, or even in a rainbow shape.

TIP 10 - Decorate one of the letters to add interest

Choose a letter from your title and add some interest by decorating it.
The letter O looks great as a wreath with a floral design and any letter with a 'tail' like a Y can be turned into a vine or could feature a cute animal swinging from it.

If drawing isn't your thing, decorating the letters is easy peasy as a DIY printable like the one below.
Decorated scrapbook titles ideas
Decorate one of the letters of your title to highlight your scrapbook theme!

BONUS TIP - Here are 20 Family Scrapbook Titles to help you get started!

As promised, below is a bonus 20 Family Scrapbook Titles taken from the ''family'' section of our book, 10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles.
This is a great tool for scrapbookers of all levels that will help you find the perfect scrapbook quotes for any page in seconds.
20 Bonus Family Scrapbook Titles to help you get started!
  1. A face without freckles is like a sky without stars
  2. Born sisters, forever friends
  3. Conserve water - Take baths together
  4. Daddy's little angel
  5. Family life
  6. Happiness is homemade
  7. Just us girls
  8. Kissing cousins
  9. Living my happily ever after
10. Mixed nuts
11. Nice looking genes!
12. Our growing family
13. Priceless treasures
14. Read to me
15. Simply beautiful
16. There's no place like home ... Except Grandma's
17. Up to snow good
18. We are family!
19. What means the most
20. You were our missing piece (baby)


Showcase the generations of love and family ties that your family shares by creating an amazing memory scrapbook layout containing your precious family moments using these amazing scrapbook page title tips!

I hope that you have found some inspiration with these tips and bonus family scrapbook titles. Do you have an amazing title that you have created for one of your layouts? We would love to see it!

Happy Scrapping!
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