5 DIY Sports Scrapbook Ideas

Documenting your child's or your own sporting achievements and games in a sports scrapbook layout is an amazing way to preserve those precious sporting memories. However, it can be hard to find inspiration for sports scrapbook ideas among all the other themes for scrapbook layouts  such as birthdays, the birth of a child, beginning school, or a graduation, etc.

When it comes to sports scrapbook ideas, I recommend starting with gathering elements of the sport itself to make it really obvious what sport you are scrapping. So if your sports scrapbook page is about basketball, make sure to include some actual basketballs on your page.

To help you along with your sports scrapbook ideas, here are five amazing sports scrapbook layouts you can try today!
  Table Of Contents:
  1. Basketball Theme
  2. Football Theme
  3. Dancing Theme
  4. Baseball Theme
  5. Soccer Theme

Idea #1 - Basketball

sports scrapbook ideas
Up your game with this basketball themed layout!
This basketball sports layout idea has a warm color scheme that ties in with the orange color associated with the actual basketballs. The brick background element brings that ''urban'' edge that the game is known for, and the wording along that bottom that describes the unique actions of this sport combine to really make it obvious that this page is about basketball.

How to create this basketball sports layout idea for scrapbooking

Starting with a white 12 x 12 cardstock base, I cut a smaller piece of brick patterned scrapbooking paper in half and glued it down off-center on my page like in the photograph above. Next, I adhered a black strip of cardstock along the bottom of the page and a strip of washi tape with inspiring words along the top edge of the brick pattern.

The other elements can be created in whichever way is easier for you. I have used PicMonkey to create and print out the basketballs and silhouette figures. The words ''game on'' and the wording along the bottom were created with pre-cut letter stickers.

Idea #2 - Football

football scrapbooking layout
Showcase your kids' highlight performance by creating a football scrapbook layout!
This football-themed sports scrapbook idea is really simple, using imagery of footballs, helmets, and a trophy to really make it obvious what sport we are celebrating on this sports scrapbook layout.

How to create this football-themed sports layout

This layout is super simple, utilizing DIY scrapbook printables from PicMonkey for the footballs, helmet, and trophy. The words ''weekend lights'' were created with pre-cut stickers as was the number thirty-four.
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Idea #3 - Dancing

dance scrapbooking layout
A beautiful dance layout using paper and wooden embellishments!
This dance-themed sports scrapbooking idea is noticeably more soft and feminine than the other sports scrapbooking ideas in this blog. The words ''Tiny Dancer'' and the little wooden fairy in a tutu help to tell the story that this sports scrapbook layout is about dance.

How to create this dance-themed sports scrapbook layout

The background of this dance-themed scrapbook layout was created with a yellow 12 x 12 cardstock piece for the base and three strips of plain colored cardstock were stuck down on top. I cut the purple strip slightly wider than the other two strips so that I had room to finish the edge off with a craft paper punch.

The words ''Tiny Dancer'' were a DIY printable and the little dancer herself was a pre-purchased wooden cutout. The flowers were also DIY printables however they were only printed as outlines and I gave them color using Derwent Inktense pencils.

Idea #4 - Baseball

baseball scrapbooking ideas
The green background combined with the black and white baseballs and bat shows us that this sports-themed scrapbook page is all about baseball.

How to create this baseball-themed sports scrapbook layout

For this baseball-themed sports scrapbook layout, I used a grass-green colored 12 x 12 piece of cardstock for the base. The different-sized baseballs and the bat were DIY printables. I basically printed a whole page full of various-sized baseballs one a piece of craft paper and cut them out, arranging them randomly on the cardstock base before gluing them down.

The banner was a pre-purchased sticker that I wrote the word ''weekend'' on using a silver paint pen and the hash symbol was sourced from a letter sticker sheet.

Idea #5 - Soccer

soccer scrapbooking layout
Add dimension to your layout by layering your paper embellishments!
This soccer-themed sports scrapbook layout has a green, black and white theme to indicate the green grass of a soccer field and the black and white of a soccer ball. This combined with the wording and soccer balls themselves makes it really obvious that this sports scrapbook page is all about soccer.

How to make this soccer-themed sports scrapbook layout

Starting with a white cardstock 12 x 12 base, a strip of green was cut for the grass around a quarter of the height of the base. Using scissors, I then cut random triangle shapes out to form the 'grass' you see in the photograph above.

Next, using a page of DIY printable soccer balls, I cut them out and placed them randomly around the page as well as on some large green banner shapes. The words are from two different sticker sheets of both phrases and individual letters.

Have you made any sports-themed scrapbook layouts yet?

Have you made any sports-themed scrapbook layouts yet? We would love to see some of your ideas or maybe even your own version of one of these sports scrapbook ideas.

Happy scrapping!

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