The Best Scrapbook Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

A lack of craft room space to both organize, store and work on your scrapbooking creations is a problem that many of us have. I don't know one scrapper who hasn't sat down to work on a layout and felt frustrated that their craft supplies are all over the place.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and give up when it comes to finding craft room organization ideas for small spaces but it can be done, and many scrappers have done it before us!

From utilizing a useless small space under the stairs to clever and creative cabinets through to using your wall space because there is just no more floor space, here are 20 of the best craft room organization ideas and tips for small spaces.

1 - Make better use of your wall space

Make use of your wall space with a pegboard wall like this Ikea SKADIS pegboard.
Although it's not so great as a craft room storage for 12x12 papers, a pegboard like this works fantastic for nearly every other scrapbooking supply with the addition of other scrapbook storage ideas such as cups and hanging hooks.

This is a great craft room organization idea for keeping things up and off your limited floor space.
Wall craft storage
Pegboards will allow you to easily locate and organize your scrapbooking supplies
without taking a large chunk of space off your craft room.

2 - Declutter your craft room supplies

When you're storing scrapbook supplies in a tight place, you really have to be brutal about what stays and what goes.
Give your stash a decent clean out and get rid of the things that you don't use and/or are unlikely to use in the future.

See that pile of scrap paper in a tidy small bin. Well, I'm never going to use most of that so I recycled it to free up some space and created a few pieces of DIY textured paper.
Unused craft supplies in a small bin
You can also use your scrap papers as confetti!

3 - Grab some cube shelves as a craft room organization material

Cube shelving is ideal for a small space craft room and is a popular choice when it comes to storage ideas for small spaces.
Each square shelf can be fitted out with fabric buckets or some kind of boxes to store all of your craft supplies.
Your paper can go on one shelf and your supplies can be stored in the fabric buckets or behind doors on another shelf.

Below is Ikea's KALLAX series of cube shelving. This is the same shelf used two different ways and your 12 x 12 paper stacks will fit neatly within the cubes.
These shelves come in a variety of layouts and sizes making them suitable for any sized space.
IKEA’s KALLAX Cube Shelving for your craft room
Cube shelves are perfect for making use of the corner spaces in your room!

4 - Make use of magnets to store your scissors and knives on the wall

I love a creative storage ideas hack! One of the ways to store your knives and scissors is by making use of a magnetic knife rack to store your scissors and metal craft knives on the wall.
The image below is a great Ikea hack in which the magnetic strip has been covered in fabric to make it look prettier.
Magnetic knife rack as craft room storage idea
Magnets are also great for keeping your
small metallic embellishments in place!

5 - Store your smaller supplies in a sleeve storage folder

Store your flat scrapbooking supplies in a storage binder.
Although this particular binder is shown storing cling stamps, other smaller supplies can be stored in the plastic sleeves also such as scrap paper, sticker, ribbon, die cuts and other embellishments.
You can just pop the whole thing away back in a cupboard or on your cube shelving when you're done scrapping for the day. Storage ideas like this leaves your craft room area neat and uncluttered.
Binder for organizing flat scrapbooking supplies
Categorize your supplies by theme or color using binders!
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6 - Use a hanging shoe organizer to free up your floor space

Ikea is amazing when it comes to hacks for scrapbooking organization and storage ideas for a small space craft room!
These Ikea hanging shoe organizers are such a space saving tool and can be used for so much more than just to organize shoes.

You can free up your floor space by hanging them on a wall, from a curtain rod or behind a door. Obviously, it's not ideal for organizing your paper but it's great for smaller craft supplies such as scissors, pens and markers, craft knives, and other bits and bobs.
Shoe organizer for organized craft supplies
Hang it near your crafting table
so you'll have access to your supplies with just a reach of a hand!

7 - Install a rod and hang your supplies

Most helpful craft room organization ideas for small spaces are completely DIY. I hung a rod that was purchased cheaply from my local home department store and made some hanging fabric storage solutions from scrap fabric.

Although I'm currently using the hanging bucket to store an unfinished sewing project, it could easily be used for my scrapbooking supplies. It would create a great gift wrapping or washi tape holder or lucky dip!
Hanging rod to organize small items
This is perfect for scrappers on a budget!

8 - Utilize the back of your doors

This over the door hanging rack from Amazon is designed for the kitchen and laundry but I just know that it will be perfect for storing scrapbook and other craft materials as well.
Hang it either on the back of a doorway entrance or the inside of a cupboard door to make the best use of your scrapbook craft room space.
Hanging rack with bins for your craft room door
You can also install a rod and use it for your hanging racks instead!

9 - Stack your tubs on top of each other

The clear art storage containers from Amazon are stackable so they can be packed away inside a cupboard, under a table or even beside your desk when not in use.

They are large enough to store your scrapbooking paper and and get your other supplies organized and as a result, buying a number of them will work as an all-in-one solution for organizing your scrapbook supplies.
clear boxes storage
Clear storage containers are perfect for organizing and categorizing
bulks of stickers, papers, and embellishments!
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10 - Label absolutely every storage container

When you don't have a dedicated craft room space or only have limited space for organizing your scrapbook supplies, more often than not, you will have to mix your craft supplies in the same container when storing them.

This can be really hard when you're trying to find a particular item so make sure you label every single and organized container with what's inside it.
Items used for labeling your craft supplies
Make sure to follow your storage label.
Nothing is worse than getting your supplies and labels mixed up

11 - Rework closet space into craft organization

Rework a section of your closet, or perhaps a spare room or hallway closet into a usable craft organization space with some great storage that will fit inside the cupboard.
The below organizer from Amazon can be clipped together in different ways to suit a variety of spaces. Who needs spare clothes and shoes when you have craft materials?
Closet for your craft materials
Divide unused large storage spaces with the help of this clever craft organizer! 

12 - Roll into scrapbooking organization with a storage trolley on wheels

Make use of a budget storage trolley or bins on wheels for your scrapbooking supplies.
This Ikea trolley not only looks cute, but can be rolled away under your table, inside a closet, or in a small space beside your desk when not in use.

Although it's not great for storing your 12 x 12 paper, it will hold many of your other scrapbooking supplies within its three shelves.
Storage trolley perfect for small to medium craft items
Don't have a dedicated craft room?
Use storage trolleys to move your supplies arround.

13 - Install shelf on the wall

There are some great furniture shelves around but I particularly like the one below from Ikea as it has pigeon hole storage as well as a flat surface on top that can be used.

The pigeon holes can be used for paper and you could even install a magnet strip or a rod underneath to store even more scrapbooking supplies.
Ikea Shelf
Shelves are perfect for storing your organization binders!

14 - Get a craft cart with clear drawers on wheels

I love these six drawer craft carts on Amazon as the clear drawers are actually removable and can be completely taken out from your studio or office for an on-the-go social scrapping.

There is an organizer on top for craft supplies you are currently using and you can just roll the whole thing away in a closet when you're done scrapping for the day.
Drawers for your supplies
These are great for moving crafting materials around without having to re-organize them!

15 - Invest in a specialized solution for craft storage

As far as craft room organization ideas for small spaces go, this is one of the priciest.
However, it's also one of the best! The Storeaway Petite Dunster 2.0 is an all-in-one scrapbooking and craft storage solution.

It closes up to a size of 37" (94cm) width, 26" (66.5cm) depth and 52" (132cm) heights and folds out much larger when you're working on your scrapbooking layouts.
The whole thing is on casters so it can be moved in your office or craft room if required.

This furniture for organization can be a total makeover on your craft room as this can contain almost every scrapbook supply!
Storeaway Petite Dunster 2.0 for craft materials
One of the best things crafters should invest on!

16 - Repurpose an old bookshelf by adding some patterned paper to the back wall

Repurpose an old bookshelf into your all-in-one scrapbooking organization station. Old bookshelves can be made like new again with a coat of paint and some pretty fabric or wallpaper adhered to the back wall of the bookshelf.

17 - Make use of unusable spaces, like under the stairs

Make use of spaces that were previously deemed unusable with Ikea's Platsa Storage Combination. You can build under a sloping ceiling, under the stairs, make it high, or keep it down low.
The unit can be finished with doors or slide in and out organizers such as fabric buckets as required to suit your needs.
Ideas for organizing space under the stairs
With the right storage equipment and a little bit of creativity,
there's no such thing as unusable spaces!

18 - Buy some tabletop storage

Buy some tabletop storage for your crafting desk. I love this cute one from Amazon as it has a free spirit design in that you can combine the two separate parts into a small shelving storage system, a longer shelf, or even angle one of them in a different way.
Clearly, this won't hold all of your supplies but it does a great job of keeping your frequently used supplies neat and tidy in one spot on your table, freeing up much space on your table for creating amazing layouts.
Tabletop storage
Tabletop storages are perfect for storing supplies that gets used often!

19 - Use magnetic storage solutions

The below organization solutions on Amazon have a large magnet on the back so they can adhere to anything metal in your crafting area such as a filing cabinet.

You may even like to install a small metal sheet on the wall or on the side of some cube shelving and invest in some other magnetic holders.
These are too small to work as a storage solution for your cardstock however they are great for scissors, markers, pens and other smaller scrapbooking supplies.
Magnetic storage
If you're having trouble keeping track of your small scrapbooking tools,
then magnetic pocket organizers are perfect for you!

20 - Make use of the dead space under the bed

If, like many other scrappers, you are using the spare bedroom as your craft room, you will find this under bed storage on Amazon useful.
These soft bags have a zipper to keep out the dust and the whole thing can be pushed under the bed out of sight when you are finished scrapping for the day.
You will probably like to separate your crafting supplies by sorting them into some smaller plastic crafting tubs before placing them into these zip-up bags.
Under bed storage
Underbed storage boxes are perfect for those with limited craft room space to work with!

Craft Room Organization Ideas For Scrappers

There you have it! A whole 20 of the best craft room organization ideas and tips for scrappers. Organizing your stash doesn't have to be expensive! It can be quite a challenge to perform a makeover on your craft room.
So go slow and really think of the organization system that works for you as a scrapper. Plan and search for the best storage solutions that you know you love and will stick to!

Do you have a small space for scrapbooking? If so, what solutions have you found? We would love to hear and see some of your creative hacks.

Happy scrapping!
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