What Scrappers Say About Scrapbooking Coach
"Love both of my books. I used both at the last crop I went to!"

Linda Dorey from Michigan, USA
"Love, love, love this book. I use it every time I scrapbook. So glad I found you!!"
Ruthanne Parker from Texas, USA
"I just received my two books and cannot be happier with the quality of the covers and pages. The ideas are amazing and will definitely get me jump started back into scrapbooking."

Jean Luadzers from Texas, USA
Chris Van der Meer, Australia
"So looking forward to starting my next album of my Grand daughter with so many ideas from these wonderful books. Thanks for the fast delivery of them."
"I bought both and they have helped me so much. Great ideas!" - Pam Watson, USA
"Can't wait for mine to come! Looking forward to getting started! Lots of ideas! Thanks!!" - Lisa A. Stiles-Roy, USA
"I have all three of them, happy have them!" - Pat Teets, USA
Betty Bates, USA
"These are GREAT sketch books. I ordered both of them for inspiration and ideas and I am so excited to try and get caught up on my scrapbooking! This will make things so much quicker and easier."
"Got all 3 books and the title book. They are awesome! So inspiring!" - Normalu Cooper, USA
"I have both books, a pink one and the blue one!! Love them!" - Lori Jo Kanouse Grove, USA
 "Already have 1and 3. Excited for the arrival of books #2 and Titles!" - Barbara Smith, USA
"I've got all three of your books! The best books I own. I don't look at any others. Great job!" - Jody-Lynn Janisse, USA
"Bought a couple of years ago and loved it! Still use. Great value!" - Jan Loudon, Australia
Janie Strickler, USA
"I really enjoy the inspiration that comes from this book! So many ideas- which I need, I get stuck in a rut too much! Looking forward to fresh pages."
"Received my books today. Wow! What a treasure-full of ideas! Love it!" - Mary Ihada, USA
"What a joy! I have a 2-year-old grandson and a new granddaughter so I will be filling lots of pages. Just flipping through the pages, I see several sketches I'm eager to use!"

Mari Buche from Michigan, USA
"Loved Volume 1... now I am anxious to use Volume 2!"

Arlene Miller from Ohio, USA
"I haven't scrapped for a long time. This is just what I needed to get started again!"

Brenda Goodwin from Ohio, USA
Carman Priest, USA
"Love my 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches. I am busy looking at each page to determine what materials will work with the sketch. You might say that I am in the window shopping phase and enjoying the theme possibilities with starting a new!"
"I just got mine as well as How to organize my photos. Fantastic books full of great information. I recommend them both!" - Deb Johnson, Australia
Lisa Medina, USA
"I just received my 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches book a couple of days ago. I love the book because the layouts and ideas are plentiful! The sketches are clear and very easy to follow!"
"Just got my volume 2 book several days ago. Now I have 4 of your books. Looking forward to many happy scrapbooking days!" - Carla Zigaitis, USA
"Received my book yesterday. So happy with it. Some fantastic layouts for my current album. Thank you!" - JIll Steward, Australia
Bridge Gibson, Australia
"Although I have been scrapbooking for 21 years, I still have times where I hit a blank moment and don't really know where to start! I have wanted this book forever and am thrilled to now own all three editions!"
"Love this book. It's an easy guide for so many neat ideas. Thanks, Scrapbooking Coach!" - Janet Rogan, USA
Mary Riedy, USA
"This book showing so many different layouts is such a wonderful addition to the fun of scrapbooking! I usually waste time trying to figure out a layout, and this is indexed by the number of photos per page for the quickest solutions!"
"I have this and it's well worth the money!" - Geri Linehan, USA
"I have this book, and LOVE it!! Since getting this book a few years ago, "scrapper's block" is a thing of the past!! THANK YOU for a GREAT product!!" - Cindy White, USA
Eileen Tattan, Australia
"Your books are so well sorted out. There is a page for all areas!"
"Got my book today. Wow! What a awesome book!" - Sue Wentworth, USA
"Love this book. Carry it everywhere I scrapbook!" - David Casey, USA
"I love mine! my husband looked at it and thought the pages were great he helped me pick some I will do soon!" - Tracy Steinbruegge, USA
"I have this idea book and it is so worth the money! Lots of wonderful ideas!" - Diann Montana, USA
"Just ordered volume 2 for myself and a friend. Love them!" - Donna Pratt, USA
"I have the first book on my IPad which is so helpful. I was very excited when I saw the second book advertised. I love it even more, partially because it's an "in my hands" book. I refer to it all the time...great sketches!" - Lorraine McLendon, USA
Shay Jansen, Australia
"I love this collection of books! I use your sketches nearly every time I scrap now. I adore the double pages layouts especially as I have never done them, the inspiration is amazing and restored my passion for scrapping! Thank you!"
"Just received Vol 3 today. I love it. So many cool layout ideas!" - Nancy Munroe, USA
"I love my book , makes it a lot easier to figure my page when I'm stuck and out of ideas!" - Michelle Anderson, USA
"I just ordered this Vol 3. I already have 1 and 2 and I love them I have a lot of layouts of my own!" - Judy Ernst, USA
"Bought vol 2 and 3 and have found them a huge help - redoing all my old 8 x 11 pages into 12 x 12 albums and these are the bomb!" - Karen Bargenquast, Australia
Cas Nicholson, Australia
"I received my books yesterday. They look amazing and full of ideas! Can't wait to get started!"
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