Create Your Own Scrapbook Paper Watercolor Background!

Hello and welcome to today's tip! We have a simple trick to make a beautiful scrapbook watercolor background with little doodles.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

Let's start! Make sure you are using watercolor paper on this one, anything else will be too tricky. First, I put on some water on the paper then I began putting some red on there.

scrapbook watercolor
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Step 2

Now that I just put some red on my paper, I'm going to use a straw to blow out some of that color into really fabulous patterns. I have blown really hard to get some smaller lines and some thicker lines.

watercolor background scrapbooking
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Step 3

Next, we're going to do some stamping. You're probably thinking: how on earth are we gonna use this on a scrapbook page? Don't worry, it all comes together in the end. It will make for some really good focal point for photographs.

Now I'm just going to stamp a small title in there, gradually softening the other stamps on other areas.

Step 4

Another thing that I have been really loving recently is drawing directly onto my watercolors. I've got some fabulous pens here that I'm going to use for creating texture. I'm using the nib to create a lovely teardrop shape. Draw that across all the other areas of the paper, similar to the stamps.

Step 5

I also added a few drawn scribbles of circles to my lovely dots and I think it just looks amazing. I've die cut some hearts as well that I'm going to add in.

Here's how it looks with a complete layout. I suggest you mount it on a really bright color. It just stands out beautifully!

So that is how you create a beautiful scrapbook watercolor background with doodles! Have a go, it's great fun and it produces the most amazing effects!

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