Unique Scrapbook Embellishment With Baker's Twine

Good day! I have an excellent tip for you today that involves baker's twine! You wouldn't believe how amazing this trick is for creating lines and textures for your pages! Let's begin!
layout idea
So I got this lovely baby picture here of my son together with some strings or baker's twine. I have my p aper prepared with some cool stamped shapes for the background.
Wait! Now That You Have Your Twine Embellishment Ready, Then You'll Need To Know How To Start Working On Your Scrapbook Page....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

baker\'s twine scrapbook idea
Now, I've got these brads here. I'm using this awesome triangle ones that are coated with gold. Using a pin, I'm going to punch some holes in the paper around where the photo would sit.

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punch small holes
Once you are happy with all the holes you created, push the brads in one by one.
Now, the fun part! Get your baker's twine and wrap it around the brads. Tie it from one brad to another, ensuring that it is tightly pulled so it creates straight lines.
build string into brads
All done! Now, I'm going to stick my photo in between some of the shapes all the string lines created.
insert photo
Add some embellishments, and you got this wonderful and unique layout!
add embellishments

Go ahead and try this technique! See for yourself all the amazing different shapes you can create to give your photographs a good contrasting element!

finished layout

Hope you've enjoyed this tip, more are coming your way! Stay tuned!

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