Unique Scrapbook Embellishment Idea: Melted Embossing Powder

To make sure that our next scrapbook pages are always better than the first, we have to keep experimenting. When it comes to embellishments, we tend to rely on store-bought ones, but it's always fun to try and make your own.

For this tip, I'll show you a unique technique that you can do with embossing powder to create the coolest scrapbook embellishment!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is grab three different colors of embossing powders. Choose the ones that would really complement each other.
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Step 2

Lay down a craft paper on your mat and start pouring some embossing powder on to the surface as seen below.

Step 3

Keep applying a slightly thick layer and mix in the two other colors on the sides. As you can see, I've made three lines for each embossing powder color.

Step 4

Now, what's next? No, we're not pouring it off like we usually do because we did not stick it in. This is a completely different technique!

What you want to do is get some parchment paper and place it on top of the powders. Press it down gently and move slightly from side to side to loosen up the powders.

Step 5

And with that, let's get to heating it up! Keep the heat tool running over it until the powders melt down together.

It might take you some time to completely melt them, so patience is required! But it's actually pretty fun because it's almost like melting sugar and making colorful candy!

Step 6

Once you're confident that it's all melted, carefully pull the parchment paper up. The parchment will then pick up some of that melted powder and you'll get this lovely mixed-up effect. Make sure you pull it out while still wet, otherwise it'll be harder for the parchment to pick it up.

Step 7

Now, let's extract it out from the parchment. Carefully bend and pull the parchment away from the melted powder. If you carelessly try to remove the melted powder, it can crack and break.
And this is how it looks! It's such a unique design that makes it perfect for being used as an embellishment!
This is how it looks like when used as a photo mat on a scrapbook layout. Isn't that just fab?
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