How To Create A Bespoke Tag For Your Layouts from Scratch!

In today's post, I will show you how to create a wonderful scrapbook tag for your layout.

Watch the Video Tutorial: 

Step By Step Scrapbook Tag Tutorial:

As you can see I have a postal tag here, that is a little big to be an embellishment, so let's turn it into a cute scrapbook tag!

scrapbook tag
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Step 1

We'll be using an old postal tag like the one in this photo.

So firstly I'm literally going to just cut this right down to the size.

I want and turn it into a lovely embellishment that can either have some journaling on it so we've got to cut it down to size.

tag for scrapbook
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Step 2

Cut your tag down to size

See the photo below to see what I've cut it down to!

Next I'm going to choose a nice washi tape that I think would look lovely through it. Maybe a nice bright yellow.

washi tape scrapbook tag

Step 3

Using yellow washi tape

Now I'm going to double up my washi tape. So it doesn't stick , and it also stops it being see through (because the tape is now twice as thick), so this just creates a better color. So I'm just folding in on itself.

scrapbook tag

Step 4

Then I cut the washi tape so I have a length of about 10cm.

scrapbook tag

Step 5

So now it's more like a paper ribbon. And then I'm going to put it through the hole at the top of the scrapbook tag!

scrapbooking tags

How simple and cut is that! A handmade tag embellishment in a few short minutes!

vintage scrapbook tags
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