Embossed Leaf Embellishment Perfect for Thanksgiving Layouts

Hi there! For this tip, we have another fun little project perfect for your Thanksgiving scrapbook pages. We're using leaves to create beautiful embellishments.
So I simply grabbed some fern and peppercorn leaves from my garden, you can use whatever you like but I just love the shape these ones have. Now, with the rough side of the leaf facing up, use a watermark and stamp it into your leaf.
Wait! Now That You Have Your Embossed Embellishment Ready, Then You'll Need To Start Incorporating Them To Your Layout....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

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watermark leaf
Once that side of the leaf is completely saturated, get a darker piece of cardstock and put the wet side down flat on the surface. Get a piece of paper to cover it up then press down hard to imprint the leaf into the card.

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leaf in cardboard
press leaf down
Slowly peel your spare paper away, then the leaf, and it reveals this lovely leaf imprint!
leaf imprint
Now get an embossing powder of your choice. I'm using this lovely bright pink called Opaque Blush. Carefully sprinkle it across until all wet areas of the leaf imprint is covered.
embossed leaf
Once you're sure everything is covered with embossing powder, shake and wiggle your card to remove the excess powder.
embossing powder
Carefully brush away the stubborn powder which ruins your perfect embossed leaf shape. Once all cleaned up, use a heat tool to quickly dry.
embossing powder brush
heat gun
After drying, cut the leaf from your card with a scissor. Be careful while cutting so you don't end up destroying the gorgeous leaf. Alternatively, you can use a craft knife if you find that easier for the more intricate leaves.
cut leaf embellishment
Look at that! I've cut it out and how amazing is this embellishment?
embossed leaf embellishment
Here's a cute layout where I've used this embossed leaf technique. Now, make some more of this embellishments and you'll be able to build a wonderful page like mine!
embossed leaf layout

Hope you've enjoyed this tip, check out our scrapbooking blog for more!

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