Build a Christmas Tree Scrapbook Background with Stamps!

Here's another Christmas-themed scrapbook idea to get you ready for the holidays! It's super simple and minimalist, but it's absolutely stunning!

On this scrapbooking tip, discover how to build a Christmas tree design for you page with a stencil and some stamps!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing that you'll need is a stencil shaped as a Christmas tree. To create the DIY stencil, I just cut out a triangular shape from a 1x1 paper. I didn't bother adding the typical pointy sides of a usual Christmas tree to keep things minimal. This will work out better for what we want to do.
Embossing with Ink materials

Step 2

Next, get all your Christmas-themed stamps from your collection. A mix of beautiful shapes and holiday sentiments will help us create the jolly vibe!
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Step 3

Put your stamps on your stamp blocks one at a time. We will then start stamping the inside of our stencil with a black ink.
Start with the bigger stamps and continue to fill in the stencil with the smaller ones as you go.

Step 4

Here's how mine looks once all the spaces are occupied! As you can see, I made sure that all my sentiments are readable. I avoided overlapping them on the stencils. However, for the other shapes, I was perfectly fine that some of them were a bit cropped.
As I removed the stencil, it revealed this wonderful Christmas tree shape made of cheerful sentiments!

Step 5

You can then add whatever finishing touches you prefer. What I did is add some more color on the tree with some distress oxides.

It looks absolutely fantastic with my photo and some additional embellishments! It really carries the whole page!

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